Jul 31

455.5 miles. 6:11pm

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I managed to get up before dawn.  I know I’ve got a long ways to go today.  The day’s sunrise was as spectacular as the sunset of the night before.



I dropped some weight at my Aunts house.   I wasn’t using the cookwear, and it came with the added weight of a quart of camping fuel.  I had some other things such as a pair of casual shoes and some camping supplies that just weren’t practical.  This allowed me to move my sleeping back one of the stuff sacks.  The bike feels good.  Less is more.  I did leave my favorite shirt at my Aunt’s house.  I’ll get it back, but I’ll miss having it.




It was hot when I got into Brentwood. Its a few miles south of the city and is home to Nashville’s REI store. I wanted to return the solio. As much as I liked the idea of a solar charger, I realized that I spend most of my time avoiding the sun. I swapped it out for a rechargeable power pack that has a larger battery. I also picked up some energy cubes. On the way into Brentwood there was nothing to eat. I exhausted my store of breakfast bars and still started to crash before I could make it to waffle house. Any port in a storm.


Nashville was an interesting balance of bicycle friendliness. The roads were overcrowded and terrible for cycling, but the drivers were courteous. I would say it was slightly more preferable to the reverse. I arrive at Ben’s house, change cloths and we head out to mexican food. I meet some of his friends at dinner and head out to watch a show with an old friend. I haven’t seen her in 4 or more years. Her boyfriend is playing with the band. The music is good. We head out after their set and have a drink with a couple other folks who are wildly entertaining. I’m at a respectable hour and had a good time catching up with everyone.


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