October 18, 2012

15-20 miles

I had dinner at my house with friends and two things came up. The first was that exercise makes us feel great. The second was that a friend of ours is going back to Africa. He told us that the happiest people he knows can fit everything they own under their bed. This brought me […]

October 16, 2012

Thought mid stream.

Knowing that I can’t want you and knowing that you want me too plops me squarely in the most difficult situation I have faced. The time is off, but it always will be and never is. Will it ever make more sense? Does anything else exist, or are we deceiving ourselves? Perhaps everything from the […]

October 15, 2012

pick a side.

As I continue to fall in and out of love, it is increasingly for the right reasons.

August 29, 2012


Karl and I both arrived in the mission district of San Francisco on October 13th of 2009. Karl had sold all of his worldly possessions, purchased a touring bike, and chased sunset after sunset until he arrived at the California coast. The journey took him over two months (not counting many months of training and […]

August 25, 2012

1005.5 miles

I think that we are taking longer to settle down and more quickly becoming disenfranchised with the idea of true love. The burning questions remain despite both.

August 21, 2012

1005.5 miles 4:11 pm

  I wake up with to a welcoming committee.  They seem mildly interested in the mammal sleeping in the green dome in the back of the normally vacant trailer.  While I progress through my wake up routine, they watch chewing silently. Its cold.  I will need more clothing if I keep this up.  My knee […]

August 20, 2012


I woke up and laid out my tent to dry.  I had been putting it away wet for quite some time and the weight was beginning to get a little unreasonable.  I can’t have any huge complaints about weight because I’ve decided to lug about 15lbs of vinyl to Akron.  My buddy said that he […]

August 19, 2012

863.8 miles 9:48pm

I’m awake at seven to shower and get back on the road.  I have a breakfast date with a friend of mine from Trenton Ohio at nine.  The breakfast place is only about ten miles down the road.  I’m only five minutes late when I pull in.  Just before i get to the restaurant I see an […]

August 18, 2012

776.1 miles 10:36pn

I just finished watching the reds game at a bar with Harry, Jen, and Kurt. I’m tired and I’m ready to leave town. Zach won’t get off work until 1:30 am so I’ve got a few hours to kill. I figure I’ll read on the stoop. Over The Rhine has really cleaned up in the […]

August 17, 2012

728.4 miles 2:01pm

Gene is really good about stopping to take photos. He always has a good camera on him and keeps his eyes open for content. We had to turn around to get this barn. I wasn’t tied down by a tripod, so I hopped up onto a fence post to get the angle I wanted.



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